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Blister packaging


Maximal health. Minimal hassle; enjoy the convenience and improved safety of our MedicoPak system.

  • Clearly labeled medications and dose times

  • Checked by a pharmacist for quality, accuracy and safety

  • Single doses easily removed when needed (e.g. for travel)

Suitable for all ages; elderly, children in care, busy working adults...

White Pills

Medication blister packaging

Simplify health; accuracy, safety & convenience. Suitable for all ages.



COVID (Moderna), Influenza (flu), whooping cough, Measles, Mumps Rubella, Japanese Encephalitis, Shingles, Pneumonia, Human papillomavirus vaccination by a trained health professional

Text reminders and online prescription ordering

Simply order via the phone app; have your scripts ready before you get to the chemist! No waiting = no fuss.

Doctor's Visit

Pharmacist one-on-one service

Expert advice. One-on-one. Available via appointment only. 

Weight loss. Smoking. Medications. Diabetes.  Health. We have you covered.

Herbs and Minerals

Complimentary medicine and vitamins

Nature meets science. Our pharmacists have expert knowledge in complimentary medicine and vitamins

Sleeping Mask

Sleep services (CPAP/Sleep Apnoea)

Our pharmacists have expert knowledge in sleep medicine. We can order diagnostic tests for sleep apnoea in collaboration with a Sleep Physician Doctor, and supervise trial and sales of sleep apnoea devices and consumables.

Healthy Food

Weight loss services

Our pharmacists have developed a structured 6-week weight loss program designed to support optimal health, and sustainable weight loss.

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